What Are Global Internet Marketing Concepts?

There are global internet marketing concepts used by successful internet marketers to drive rankings in the search engines. In order for you to rank high in the search engines, you need to understand these concepts, as well as, how they are implemented. The global internet marketing concepts we speak of are: relevancy, unique content, consistency and popularity.

Relevancy refers to carrying a consistent thought throughout your writing. Your article contains a title and what you write about must be reflective of that title. People have come upon your article as the result of performing an internet search for information. They therefore expect your article to answer the questions they are raising. By keeping your writing true to its title you will maintain relevancy throughout your article. You will gain followers as people come to know you as a trusted source for delivering quality information.

The next global internet marketing concept is unique content. Throughout your writing you are attempting to connect with your audience by using your own writing style. This automatically makes your writing unique, however, to the extent you are able to draw your own personal experiences into your writing, it will help to set you apart from others. Providing unique content in an engaging manner will make you more memorable to your readers.

When we are talking about the third concept of consistency we are speaking of it on two levels. The first level is writing every day. By producing quality material on a daily basis, people will come to know you and view you as an authority on your subject matter. The greater the amount of information you share the larger your audience will become. The second level of consistency comes through article submissions. You want your articles to be published and you achieve this by submitting them to a variety of article directories and blogs. It is as a result of this submission process that you will gain ranking within the search engines.

Unfortunately popularity did not stop with high school. To be successful on the internet you need to be found by people. To be found by people you need to be popular. It really does seem to be a which came first chicken or egg thing. There are two avenues to follow to achieve popularity. The first is receiving a large number of back links to your original content as a result of your article submission process. The second step in the popularity contest is being recognized on the social media platforms. There are various tools that can assist you with submission to the various social media platforms. Once submitted, your material is seen and then shared a variety of times across the social networks. Global internet marketing concepts advise us that Google places a great value on social sharing. As a result, the larger the number of shares your material receives, the higher the rank Google will place on your content. The combination of article submissions and social media sharing wins the popularity contest.

Put these global internet marketing concepts to work for you and watch your rankings soar!

Going Global Through Internet Marketing – Cost Effective Ways to Capitalize on the Dropping Dollar

Global Opportunities

The good news regarding the drop in the US dollar is that it has focused the attention of an increasing number of US companies on export markets, as American products and services are now more affordable and sought after by potential customers worldwide than at any time in recent years. For companies of any size looking to start expanding internationally, or for those already realizing revenue from global markets and wishing to increase global sales, one key question is how to take advantage of this opportunity in a cost effective manner and maximize the return on your marketing investments (ROI).

New Solutions

The additional good news is that new international Internet marketing solutions we refer to as “Global eMarketing”can make this process more cost effective, and thus more profitable, than at any time in the past. Since now over 80% of online users reside outside of the US (Nielsen//NetRatings), the potential to reach new customers worldwide via online marketing is tremendous. If you haven’t already integrated these solutions into your plan, you may be leaving significant dollars on the table.

Our own experience in developing global markets for our clients shows us that adopting a systematic and integrated approach with respect to global Internet marketing is the best way to ensure ongoing success. From lead generation, to follow up online marketing campaigns, to the eventual close of the sale and even follow up training and support, there are Internet based solutions that can make the process highly efficient and profitable, and improve your marketing ROI.

Cost Effective Internet Lead Generation

A systematic approach begins with utilizing global lead generation methods such as Multilingual Search Engine Marketing, including both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Paid Search Advertising, also known as Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC). Multilingual search engine marketing (through Google for example) is a very effective way to find highly qualified leads in a cost effective manner, since potential customers came looking specifically for your products via targeted keywords or key phrases entered into their language specific search engine.

Another cost effective way to find highly qualified leads is through online marketing research to find and build email databases of potential distributors worldwide, often at a fraction of the cost of other more traditional methods such as International Partner Search program run by the US Department of Commerce, where you are charged a fee per market for their service.

Blogs, RSS feeds, as well as other content rich lead generation campaigns can also be utilized to attract the attention of potential global customers, as well as capture their contact information via online sign-up features.

Global CRM Campaigns

Once you have developed an electronic marketing database of prospective customers worldwide, you can engage them with a systematic Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program that consists of email news releases and e-newsletters, for the purpose of both customer acquisition as well as customer retention. This approach both keeps your company and products in front of any current customers, as well as lets potential distributors in markets where you wish to expand know you are still looking for partners. Going one step further, the content for these news releases can be repurposed to be used as the content used for company website Blogs or RSS feeds, another source of lead generation mentioned above. The key for the “Global eMarketer” however, is to approach worldwide lead generation in a consistent and systematic manner.

Closing the Deal Online

A final step in the marketing and sales process can occur when potential international customers show an interest in your products. Utilizing interactive Webcasts or Webinar solutions, you can easily (and very cost effectively) conduct a sales presentation to “close” the sale. Using just this approach, we have brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars in new international business for our clients, and in almost all cases we have never met the new distribution partner in person. All potential costumers need is access to a web browser and Internet access, and you are virtually in front of then conducting a sales pitch, conducting follow up product training, and even conducting customer support when the relationship develops further.

This systematic marketing approach can be used as part of a global channel development program in conjunction with more traditional methods (attending international trade shows for instance). Although Global eMarketing solutions will work for a business of any size, for the small to mid-sized manufacturing enterprise (SME) in particular, this presents a tremendous opportunity to find cost effective sales leads from targeted markets outside of the US.

Tracking Results

Unlike many other types of marketing, Internet marketing solutions lend themselves to results tracking. A variety of tracking solutions exist, both free and at various price points. Google provides an excellent solution. In addition to tracking those who respond to your campaigns directly, many Web Hosting companies provide this software for free with your account. If not consider changing hosting companies, or look online, via search of course, for companies that provide this software. See one source to track worldwide visitors to your website using free software from http://www.statcounter.com/

In summary, the time has never been better for US businesses of any size to expand globally, and new Internet based global marketing solutions make this process more profitable than ever before.

Japanese and Chinese Internet Marketing Team Members Improve SEO in Company

Internet Marketing Company Expands with Japanese and Chinese Staff

Global Internet Marketing Improves SEM and increases Sushi Eating Occasions (SEO)

Haifa , July 16, 2008. Due to increasing demand for internet marketing to the Far East AIMS decided to bring SEO and PPC Japanese and Chinese capabilities in-house. This affects AIMS internet marketing in many ways.


Questions from SEO language team members are immediately answered by our experts. Although email and chat are effective, nothing compares to the efficiency of sitting together -one to one- and looking at the same computer screen

Internet marketing quality

Team members interact in structured office meetings and informal gatherings. This exposure increases the level of dialogue, which increases the flow of ideas. This cross fertilization of internet marketing ideas improves the quality of our work

Conversion optimization

A multicultural team allows for cross cultural discussions, which increases the awareness of global issues to a personal level. As a team, experiencing the devastation of an earthquake in China due to the proximity to which a co-workers family resides, or, learning to make sushi to celebrate Canada Day is the very definition of globalization.

Learning about other cultures, their concerns and how they use the internet helps us design sites which succeed in the global marketplace.

Multi-cultural knowledge is fun. We recently left work early to meet at one of the team member’s homes with our families for a sushi making party. It isn’t easy to leave the office behind and the sushi making reminded us about internet marketing:

* It took us 3 and a half hours to make the Sushi, not including buying the seaweed and other essentials beforehand. A lot of work before you see results-just like keyword research and link building can take a long time until we see results

Sushi Entre Making (SEM)

* For my first sushi I overstuffed it with vegetables (tastes much better than the rice) which resulted in my not being able to roll the rice around it-it reminded me of over stuffing keywords.

Sushi Eating Occasion (SEO)

* When the sushi was finally ready to eat we saw that sushi is the perfect metaphor for link building. A lot of white rice surrounding the protein rich fish and vegetables reminded us of most websites. They have a lot of filler links and fewer quality links all around them. We plan to use sushi photos for our SEO lectures to illustrate linking strategies.

Internet Marketing to Japan and China is both challenging and eye-opening. As the world grows smaller and we learn more about each other lets hope that this understanding will reduce the international conflicts we have with each other. Maybe global internet marketing will help spearhead this effort.

Internet Marketing Prediction – Four Great Internet Strategies

It is hard to come up with a prediction just where today’s world economy strategies will lead us. Global growth is expected to return to positive territory in 2010, but the pace of the recovery will be slow and subject to much uncertainty. Research suggests that most emerging markets, particularly Asia, will outpace the developed economies next year. The U.S. economy should begin a slow recovery this year. Europe and Japan will rebound even more slowly.

Predictions are that U.S. growth to be stuck in a 2.0-2.5 percent range for most of 2010. While housing and capital spending on equipment are expected to show respectable gains, with consumer spending rising just 1.8 percent, stronger growth will be unlikely. One of the biggest drags on U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) growth will be the unemployment rate. Many of those recently unemployed are well-qualified, productive people looking for an opportunity to replace the incomes they lost in the economic downturn.

While worldwide economic recovery remains uncertain, it is not difficult to predict the potential success available to anyone willing to utilize proven strategies within the fast growing Internet Marketing arena. Global online business opportunities have increased exponentially within the last two or three years. Entrepreneurs who are willing to apply recognized marketing tactics within the global internet marketing arena will open the door to tremendous profit potential.

Here are Four basic strategies that if utilized properly can help guarantee success in Internet Marketing:

1. Due Diligence – If you are looking for an opportunity build a successful online marketing business, you owe it to yourself to do your due diligence and fully investigate as many online programs as you can, specifically looking for those programs that offer some kind of personal, hands-on support. Many programs have an extensive array of educational video and audio tools that demonstrates the many ways to succeed online, but often lacks the personal touch that is required to help the new student fully grasp an understanding of that material.

2. Develop a Plan – With the help of your personal mentor, develop a plan for success based on proven techniques. Utilize the experience of others who have gone before you. The learning curve in the Internet Marketing industry is not that difficult, but most people are not familiar enough with the technicalities to create an effective web-based marketing business without help from an experience online marketer.

3. Focus – There is a plethora of information available that can easily sidetrack even the most focused prospective Internet Marketer. It is important to develop a disciplined work habit and protect yourself from distractions.

4. Follow through – The results of your effort might not appear overnight, and it can be discouraging to continue to throw a lot of wood on the fire and not see any flame. But keep in mind the project management S-curve – slow growth in the planning and initiation phase followed by rapid growth in the execution and controlling phases. This is referred to as the “cumulative distribution function,” meaning that there is a cumulative growth resulting from consistent input in the planning and initiation phase. Translation: Plan your work and work your plan every day, and you will see extraordinary results.

Internet Marketing Products – Get Your Life Back and on the Fast Track With Internet Technology

Internet Marketing: Trend of Lifestyle?
The wave of internet technology is not a mere trend; it is in fact a lifestyle. Trends change as time evolves and new developments go through trial and error stages, yet a way of life has deeper roots than what is considered as a fad, a fever-like rush that needs to be met hurriedly and wastefully even. Be it for business or pleasure alike, today’s advent of modern technology has new ways of getting things done with all the benefits in your pocket, so to speak. Go cheap and you will end up with so-so results, go high-end and you will know the difference with the total package and the profit straight to your purse. It is false belief that internet marketing advertising is supposed to be pricey. There are ways around to it; which just needs a bit of strategy, good timing, and wit to get things going. That is in fact the best advantage when you make use of the global internet marketing because you get the best of both worlds yet do things in a zap, while minimizing overhead expenses and delivers business with an optimum zero-delay target.

Internet Marketing Promotion: Business with Pleasure
You can do everything and almost anything on the internet. Everything is done in an instant and the catch is that you get to be your own boss, as simple as that; no icing on the cake whatsoever. You work at your own pace and make the most of your marketing tools online. There are two sides in every quarter; just as there are only two kinds of people in this world. One keeps to himself and remains on his comfort zone and receives substantial and safe revenues for his effort; the other one is the ambitious go-getter who is unafraid of taking risks yet makes certain of his moves so as to attain maximum profit at his every venture. Go safe yet limited or go beyond an extra mile with unlimited potential and real profit on the bag? I leave this to your gut feel. There are lots of internet marketing issues that bombard the scene nowadays. This seems to complicate things especially for those who are new in this industry. There is indeed money in the world of internet marketing sales. Simply put, internet marketing is grabbing the large part of the internet pie to create free traffic to your site and grab potential buyers for your products or services online.

Retail Internet Marketing: Bucks in your Pocket
There are more ways than one when it comes to internet marketing products that are widely available over the internet whirlpool. It varies from e-books to marketing software from varied internet marketing companies that could entirely turn your business into a reaping cash register day-in and day-out. Talk about making money as you sleep; passive income is really the way towards achieving financial independence. Having total control of your time and your pocket; with your purchasing power maximized beyond approximation. Gone were the days when we have to rent an office space or a store to operate and then put on some stocks, add up manpower, do aggressive advertising by word-of mouth or by flyers and stuff, go to and fro everyday, driving all the way to our shops to check up on supplies and all the details whatsoever. That was how primitive or traditional entrepreneurs do the business trick. Now, modern entrepreneurs do not even need to leave the house to operate their own businesses. You do not need corporate attire as you do your work rounds. You can wake up, have breakfast while checking up on your business even in your pajamas. Talk about convenience, hassle-free, fast, and profitable way of doing business online. All you need is your laptop, a stable internet connection, a mobile phone or landline, and you are on business. Costs are minimized and the earnings are maximized to its full potential because you have reduced business costs to a whooping 80% or even more. Internet marketing pricing widely vary depending on the type of strategies or methods utilized for a particular business. Transactions with clients are done online which reduces transportation costs and the like. You can even juggle multiple business accounts in a day which you can never do with a traditional way of doing business. There are a lot of ways to earn online. You can do retail internet marketing with the variety of products and services that you can offer to your clientele. You can also offer your services to internet marketers and other employers online. The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Industry is widely known for providing a lot of jobs in offices as well as in individual homes globally. Telecommuting or working from home is now widely becoming popular. This results to not only a productive economy but strengthened bonds among family members because they have more time spent with each other than when people used to work away from their homes just to earn a decent income and put food in the table.

A Work-at-Home Mom: This is the Life!
In my case, I have two cute little angels that I so much adore, and I get to see them every waking minute while I do my business and work at home. The perks of working at home seem to get to me every bit of time because I can’t believe that this is ever possible especially for a mom like me. I used to work in an office for a 9am to 5am job and paid monthly wages. I was in the rat race, so to speak. I work for certain periods of time and I get paid same amount every month, no more and no less. It was definitely stable and safe, but there was no growth and ambition in it. I guess the spark starts from knowing that you are worth more than your monthly paycheck and you refuse to be chained in a certain state of traditional work. I knew from then on that I can do more without spending too much or being away from home most of the time. This way of life is not for everybody though. What works for you may not work for other people. Time is a perishable commodity; that is why I guess they say that time is gold. Time is limited yet limitless; a paradox in all its complex tirades. The thing is I know that we have 365 days or 12 months in a year, 30 days in a month, 7 days a week, 24 hours in a day and 60 minutes in an hour, and I know that there is more that we can accomplish with those precious time. Balance is always the key in life’s every endeavor. That is what I love the most with my online job, I work at my own pace, do multiple tasks online, maximize my full potential at work and with business, while doing the things that I love and being with my family all at the same time, I love the perks and the whims that internet marketing revolution has done to my life and to zillions out there whose lives have been revved up and is now living the lives they have always thought would never be possible at all. Contrary to what has been said, nothing is ever impossible unless you say so. Get into the internet wave and get the best of both worlds all in one click.

Beyond Global Internet Marketing

SEO for extraterrestrials

It is a good idea to target extraterrestrials in order to break away from the over crowded global marketing scene here on earth. Lets use the Klingons from Star Trek as a case study to show the best methodology for extraterrestrial SEO.

Our first goal is to help people on Earth to market to Klingons. Although there are many technical problems, this group is worth targeting now that they are allies of the United Federation of Planets. Less money spent on making war frees up more disposable income.

First, if you want to see if Klingons are a market. Google has a Klingon interface which proves just that. After all, they wouldn’t create an interface just for a few Trekkies. Interestingly they do not have a “search in Klingon only” option. There must be a good reason for this although I can’t imagine why.

Next thing you need to do is research the keywords that Klingons use. This is not as easy as it seems as Google’s keyword tool doesn’t have a Klingon region option.

Google lacks a Klingon Territory or Planet option. Another search engine is sure to fill this gap soon.

We have two choices:

* Use the all countries option to find out what the Earth bound diaspora Klingons search for

* Use experience and judgment to find a proxy group – that is to say – a group of searchers which has similar search habits as Klingons. Then use Google’s region option to research the keywords they target

Google’s keyword tool shows that there is fierce Google AdWords advertiser competition in the Antarctica for Icelandic speakers searching for Klingon.

From experience the closest group to Klingons is people in the Antarctic who speak Icelandic. It is a good thing that we have the Google tool to do our research. The tool shows us that a campaign in Antarctica for people searching for Klingon has too many advertisers and not any searchers.

But wait a minute; you are using the wrong mindset. You need to think like our potential clients and they are probably searching in the Klingon language.

Translating for Internet Marketing Campaigns

Although Israel probably has more people speaking more languages per square foot than any place on the globe there was no success in finding a local translator. Craigslist, Facebook and a PPC campaign brought no results.

The next move was to use the Google translation tool. Unfortunately, it was found out that it does not yet work in Klingon. However, don’t give up. A good Internet Marketer who wants to capture the outer space market has to be persistent. After all, this kind of Internet marketing calls for boldly going where no man (or woman) has gone before.

In the end you can find some online translators.

When you use the Google Keyword tool to search in the Klingon language for tlhIngan you see no competition and enough searches to justify starting a campaign! You can’t wait to start seeing the orders start to roll in from the Klingons.

What about shipping to the Klingons you ask? Isn’t that part of global internet marketing? Yes of course it is. It will be covered in a future blog post.
Internet Marketing firms in Israel push the envelope on multilingual internet marketing. They are the first SEO companies to embark on extraterrestrial Internet marketing.

“Marketing web sites in many languages is a challenge to be enjoyed. After working intensively in Japanese and Chinese it was felt that the time had come to tackle extraterrestrials. It was realized that they are ahead of the market, as there remains shipping and other problems, but they want to be there when the market opens up.”

“For a test case consider a number of extraterrestrials. E.T. had the advantage of being well known with the younger crowd. However there didn’t seem to be many earthlings who knew their language. You want to start with a language that you can could localize without having to fly into outer space to find a translator.”

An Israeli SEO company decided to target in Klingon, since there are many human fans of Star Trek a.k.a Trekkies, who speak it. In addition, research revealed that a major search engine offers a Klingon interface-a good indication that there is a market for these extraterrestrials.

Political problems were a concern. Klingon are a warrior race. However investigations showed that they recently signed a treaty with the United Federation of Planets. It is expected that as the Klingons reduce their offence spending they will have more money to spend online.

The Israeli SEO company’s study revealed the classic Internet marketing sweet spot-a keyword in Klingon which has traffic but few competitors in the search space.

As a result of this study, several major courier companies have started investigating shipping to Qo’noS-Klingon’s planet. Money changers are also working to develop a hassle free system in which the Darsek will be easily converted to Dollar, Pound, Yen, Yuan and Euro.

There is an option to write Klingon using Latin characters, as Star Trek aficionados know. And in the near future Klingon may join the Unicode standard, making it possible for everyone to read Klingon characters online without downloading special fonts.

Klingon was easier to work with than expected. There is no ambiguity with words-eliminating the two step process needed in Chinese, for example. Success with the Klingons is just a first step in a bid to be the best in extraterrestrial Internet marketing.”

Potential Customers Are All Around You – Global Internet Marketing For Small Business

A simple search for “world going mobile” returns more than 300 million results. Consumers, business owners, and PTA moms all grab their Internet ready mobile devices before heading out the door to shop, work, or run errands. Mobile devices are smarter, more user friendly, and immensely more connected to the world around us than ever before. The power of mobile is leveraged by every large business and corporation on the globe and the small business is following close behind.

Narrowing the Gap Spanning Nations

With a website, social networking page, and blog – any small business can represent their products and services to a near infinite number of potential customers in the same way major corporations do. Social networking, Internet mobility, and a desire to research every purchase before buying is the catalyst for the change narrowing the gap between countries and profit moguls. Small businesses can use free Internet marketing solutions to brand big and branding is what selling is all about.

Mobile users, though covering every age bracket in the world, tend to be younger, more Internet savvy, and a touch hyper. Free, new ideas like social networking marketing and creative branding catch the younger consumers eye in an instant and, thanks to mobile versions of Facebook and Twitter, quickly share their experiences. Small businesses no longer have to carry a huge advertising budget like the thousands of megastores as long as they brand creatively and successfully.

One example of a small business going global with creative branding is Tom’s Shoes. This relatively unknown company marketed to the global market as a break even company that wanted to give away one pair of shoes to a needy sole for every pair sold. The idea went viral and Tom’s Shoes popularity skyrocketed. This company does not have the marketing power of Walmart, Target, or Amazon.com, but they were successful because of a creative idea, branding, and Internet marketing for small businesses.

Global Internet Marketing at a Glance

Internet becomes truly uniform throughout the world; this can be seen from the international business component of the global business wants. The fact that the global internet marketing is not expensive, we can make sale only via email. World Wide Web became the primary business conducted via the internet.

All is not only happening in the U.S. but also other countries. We also can look directly at us browsing the internet, such as the United Kingdom using ‘UK’ and Australia using the ‘Au’. All is transparent and immediate. That is a very strong reason why all the marketing associated with the Internet will increase dramatically in the next few years.

Marketers with a global goal are now to build language sites vary in their sites. Internet translation tools available that make this easier to do. It’s just a matter of time until they marketers use their Web sites to accept and fulfill online orders from customers around the world.

Positive things can we feel with the global internet marketing are:

1. It has wider market access on the internet. Both large commercial or small companies have the potential to progress and develop their business further so that the economies increase. Many companies can pursue dreams and global ambitions, and at the very least, the ability to attract customers from outside the conventional areas of national trade more efficiently and effectively enable companies to meet their international expansion efforts more quickly.

2. Companies can use the Internet to efficiently search for cross-border

resources, including the critical raw materials and components, manufacturing resources, and products that may have a large domestic demand. With more companies come online, the number of trade leads that can be generated through the Internet has grown substantially.

3. This website also allows the company to pursue particular position strategies and apply it globally. For example we know the internet in Google, Yahoo, and MSN as a search engine that can be used as a benchmark to put our business at the highest places in the search engines most popular.

4. Virtual network formed by participants in the global supply chain, including those involved in the production, distribution, and support functions, develop effective coordination and remarkable results of strategic benefits. A new source of competitive advantage lies in creating and providing customer value and the exploitation of network externalities. In the end, the powers of collaborative cross-border alliances become a source of profits in the domestic market as well. Companies take advantage of the global virtual network can potentially truly multinational in scope and operations. The internet also provides another opportunity to create a competitive strength. Such benefits are no longer specific locations that involve knowledge-based skills, time, and flexibility. Companies that perform better quickly stood to gain more from the Internet, and companies that innovate, create, and implement planned business model will better survive the competitive onslaught.

Going global internet marketing is much sense. Of course by following the existing rules of the game so that we can succeed and move forward with our business run.

Global Web Marketing Myths Every Newbie Should Know

Leave it to the allure of easy money to draw the teeming masses like bees to a spilled cola. After all, who wouldn’t want to strike it rich within a month or two without having to miss a single episode of Ellen? Indeed, even a cursory hunt around the net will convince a vulnerable job hunter or stay-at-home mom that a thriving global web marketing firm that spews money like a mall fountain is not only possible, it’s probable!

Are there true stories of rapid success in online internet marketing opportunities? Of course. Are there instances of extraordinary income generation for newbies in home business marketing systems? Absolutely! Nevertheless, for the vast majority of internet marketing beginners, when the reality of what it takes to become a 1% earner, crashes into their dreams of lottery-like wealth, disillusionment, abandonment and anger abounds.

Every rule has its exceptions, but the rule of global web marketing–and every legitimate home business system, for that matter–is that success only comes through education, hard work, focus, diligence and, above all, patience. Therefore, let’s dispel a few myths:

Myth 1: The Promise of Quick Money – The vast and common use of the internet certainly creates the opportunity for rapid and substantial income, but for most of the top internet income earners, monetary success is the result of a sober understanding of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, a strong commitment to education (usually from the school of hard knocks), dogged persistence, patience and an investment of money and time. The good news is that if someone adopts this understanding and commits to developing these attributes, financial reward can come much sooner than more traditional methods.

Myth 2: The Promise of Easy Money – You’ve no doubt heard the quip, “Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy.” This is just as true in the work from home internet marketing world as it is in any business venture. That is not to say that stories of people earning great incomes while basking by a pool with their laptops and cell phones aren’t true. In many cases, they are! Nevertheless, what many newbies often don’t realize is that those poolside earners have usually gone through the dues-paying gauntlet discussed above. The good news is, with the right mindset, patience and effort, it could very well be you working under an umbrella someday.

Myth 3: Anyone Can Do It – In theory, this may be true. In practice, it doesn’t necessarily play out. Again, internet marketing success takes a certain amount of street and book smarts; it demands a never-say-die persistence; it requires a commitment of time, resources and patience and rewards an honest business-minded attitude. Let’s face it, not everyone fits this mold. The good news is, internet marketing success is not limited by gender, geography, race, creed or socioeconomic status. With the right mindset and willingness to learn, anyone can do it.

Myth 3: No Investment Required – If you’ve been hunting around the internet for global home business systems, you’ve probably seen plenty of ads promising instant success with little or no financial investment. Is it possible? Yes. Is it probable? No. If you’re considering getting on board with one of the top internet marketing systems, you will be clearly and honestly informed upfront that a successful business requires a commitment of financial resources. If this is not part of their introductory message, run from these “opportunities” as fast as you can. The great news is, if you are interested in starting a legitimate home business, there are good companies to which you can hook your wagon and the financial barrier to entry is typically well lower than most small business franchises.

Myth 4: Part-time = Huge Success – Again, (are you sensing a theme yet?) is it possible to experience huge success from a part-time effort? Yes. Is it probable? No, but that is a qualified no. It all depends upon your skill set, your time management acumen and your definition of “part time.” If you have a typical day (or night) job, part time usually means hours spent working on your internet marketing business before or after your primary job. Many find that when they are working on their own company, it no longer feels like work and are, thus, willing to work on it into the wee hours and on weekends. So, the concept of part time is all relative and, in this context, misplaced. It’s better to understand that you can achieve tremendous internet marketing success committing as many “off time” hours as you desire.

Myth 5: No Special Skills Needed – The truth is, many special skills are needed to be successful in a global internet marketing venture. Plentiful are the stories about people who have become phenomenal internet marketing experts who, before they started, didn’t know how to turn on their computer, but this is probably the exception not the rule. The good news is, most of the necessary skills can and should be taught by the internet marketing company you’re considering. If a focus on internet skill education is not part of the business platform, again, flee. Being left to fend for yourself in this arena leads to bewilderment, discouragement and, ultimately, the death of your new venture.

The internet makes many things possible that were not possible before. No doubt, it has opened the possibility of extraordinary wealth to a much greater percentage of the world who would have never had the opportunity before. Nevertheless, many potentially discouraging myths have developed in the arena of home based internet marketing that, with a more sober understanding and eyes-open approach, can be conquered. Here’s to your success!

Internet Marketing – A 2013 Necessity

Internet marketing is no longer something anyone in business can ignore if their hope is to prosper. I have been marketing online myself since 1995, so I converted long ago. However, I still marvel at statements made my small town merchants who say “Everyone knows me, so I don’t need to advertise”, or “We’re too small to need the Internet”, or best of all, “Our community is too small for us to have to worry about Internet marketing.”

I have been hearing variations of these 3 objections put forth as excuses for not switching focus to online marketing for almost 20 years. Ironically, better than 60% of the business owners who voiced such objections are out of business. Most of those that remain have come to realize that the Internet is a market unto itself and now participate.

The Internet is global, and therefore appear to be the realm of big players with outlets around the world. However, the Internet reaches every corner of the planet, pulling sales from large communities and small alike. Regardless of where your business is located, your competition is no longer restricted to the brick and mortar retailer down the street. Your business also has to compete with retailers such as Walmart, Home Depot, or Macy’s. Big box stores may not have an outlet in your community, but they do have massive online sales departments selling to your potential customers. Then there is the host of virtual stores that have no physical presence at all, but sell to the family living next door. Just because you don’t see a throng of your neighbours shopping somewhere else, they are. By not marketing online yourself you have no hope of replacing the business the Internet has taken.

There is virtually no other marketing media with the speed, efficiency and reach of Internet marketing. Plus, the variety of Internet marketing strategies is as wide as the technology used to access the Internet and is growing. Some of the basics to compete for a share of the global, Internet market are…

1. A website with eCommerce capabilities. If you do not have the skills required to build a professional looking and fully functional online presence, spend a few dollars to hire someone to do the work. Design, ease of navigation and functionality are necessities when marketing online. I hear all the time that retailers can’t afford a website. I usually respond by pointing out that the old school method of increasing market reach was to open another outlet, which was a huge expense. A top notch eStore costs less that the amount needed to firm up a lease, and the annual management of an eCommerce website costs less then a single month lease payment.

2. Use videos. Print is virtually dead as an advertising media, and will be within a very few years. Likewise, textual advertising online will not be far behind. If you intend to market online, look to video marketing. It isn’t expensive to create a professionally looking video presentation for your product or service, in fact a decent 30 to 60 second, quality video presentation costs less than $100 when purchased from someone with decent video editing software.

3. Embrace mobile technology. Just as print is in its death throws as an advertising media, so is immobile computer technology. Mobile devices already number in the billions, but within 5 years that number will double. By comparison, desk top computers for personal use will have already started down the road to extinction.

4. Social Media should make up a good portion of any business’ Internet marketing focus. Billions of users now get their news and communicate via social media. The number is only going to increase with time. If you’re already marketing online, or plan to, and you are not focusing effort on social media do so or be left behind.

5. Email marketing, the opt in kind – not spam, will remain an Internet marketing tool. However, it will mostly be for business to business products and services. This is because email will eventually be replaced completely by texting in non commercial applications. Email volume is only maintaining itself now because the number of online users is still growing, and therefore email accounts are still being created and used. It will or already has peaked, and will decline as texting, video chatting and social media messaging increases for personal use communications.

Internet marketing is still a relatively new media, so is constantly changing. However, it changes to be able more quickly and easily reach potential customers. Those customers are as likely to be your next door neighbour as they are the Nigerian exchange student attending university in Paris, France. Both may visit a website and buy a product you have sitting on the shelf of your retail store, costing you as sale. On the other hand, if you’re focusing on Internet marketing, both may visit your website selling the goods you offer online and also have on the shelf of your retail outlet. Your neighbour you may have sold anyway, but the Nigerian exchange student in Paris is a sale you would never have made if your focus was on your local market. Such is the reality of Internet marketing.